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What is a Group Order?
Group ordering allows for multiple customers to place orders on their own but have all of the items come through as
one delivery order with one delivery fee. NOTE: One user cannot place a group order alone; there must be multiple users from multiple computers whose orders will all get combined.

Who pays for a Group Order?
There are two types of group orders. In the first type, one originator invites others into their group order and that one originator will pay for all users. The originator can also set a maximum food amount per user. In the second type of
Group Order, every user will pay for their own meal. This option allows for split payments. In either scenario, the
originator of the Group Order will be responsible for the delivery fee and any processing fees on the total order.

How do Group Orders Work?
1. Enter in your delivery address into the search bar on the homepage and press find restaurants.
2. On the restaurant listings page, find the restaurant of your choice and click "Group Order"
3. If you have been invited into a group order, enter the code at the top. If you are starting a new group order, please
fill out all of the information including delivery time and whether you will be paying for all meals or whether each user
will be paying for their own. Press "next" to continue.
4. Enter in all participants emails into the next field. Once entered, all users will be emailed their invite. You can
also save this list of emails for a future order.

5. Once on the order screen. You will be able to track the progress of all users in the Group Order Tracking Box.
Once every user has checked out, the Group Order leader will be allowed to submit the final order.

6. If you need to invite any user into the order after you have already started, please forward the URL found at the
top of the menu screen.

7. Happy Dining :)
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