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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) Home Page:  Enter the address of your current location above to find restaurants near you.

  • Next time you order simply login and click on "choose from saved addresses."
  • If you order from a different address next time, it will be added to your list of addresses to choose from.

Note: To order from your phone, download our app or go to our mobile website at www.doorstepdelivery.com.

2.) Restaurant Page: Choose the restaurant you want to order from and click "Place Order" or click on the logo.

  • To place a catering order and view all restaurants offering catering menus, check the "menus offering catering" button on the left side of screen.
  • To filter results, use filter options on left side of screen.
  • Click on "See Map" to show you where the restaurant is in relation to you and how to get there.
  • Click "Dine-In Coupons" for available coupons. This option will only show if the restaurant has made special offers available to our customers.
  • Click "View History/Re-order" or "Favorite Restaurants" at top right to re-order from your favorites.
  • Click "View/Print Menus" at the top right. Here you can print one, some, or all menus.

3.) Menu Page: Select your items by clicking on the item itself.

  • Once you have selected all the items you want to order, review your order info on the right side of the screen in the grey box to ensure everything is correct.
  • You can change just about any aspect of your order here including your address, delivery time (advanced orders), and if the order is for delivery or pickup.

4.) Account Setup Page: Fill out all required info and be sure to put any special instructions for your address.

  • If you have ordered before, you can click "sign in again."
  • If not, please fill out all appropriate fields

5.) Payment Page: Enter any special instructions for delivery and/or address (ex. if your home/location is hard to find or if we need to call someone or enter a gate code).

  • Select payment choice (credit card only for pick-up).
  • Sit back, relax and wait for your food to be delivered!
  • Happy Dining :)


Do you offer gift cards?
Yes. Simply go to the "Gift Cards" section. You will be able to buy a gift card for a friend or yourself. The gift card will be emailed to whatever email address you define.

I have received a gift card. How do I apply it to my account?
Go to the "Gift Cards" section, input your gift card code to apply it to your account.

How do I pay using a Gift Card?
The first thing you need to do is to apply the gift card to your account. Once you do so, the balance will be applied towards your order during the checkout process. If your order total exceeds your gift card balance you will need to pay for the remainder of the order with another payment method.

Can I see my gift card balance and usage activity?
Yes. In the "Gift Cards" section, just click on "activity" and you will be able to view any transactions made using the gift card.

How do I pay using my house account?
Sign in with your house account username and password. On the checkout screen you will see "house account" as one of the payment methods. Simply check that box and you will be able to complete the checkout process.


Do you have a mobile app I can order from?
Absolutely! We have free apps for both iPhone and Android phones. You can pretty much do everything you can do on the full website, but straight from your phone. Download it from iTunes or Google Play and easily order on the go!

Do I need to create a new account to order through one of the mobile apps?
Nope. You can use your existing account. Just open the app and sign in with your regular username and password.

I don't have an iPhone or Android; can I still place an order from my phone?
Yes. For your convenience, we also have a mobile website. Simply go to 
http://m.doorstepdelivery.com using your phone's browser and you will be able to easily place orders using our mobile site.


Can I save my favorite restaurant under my account?
You bet. During checkout, you will see an option to "save as favorite restaurant." Simply check that box and if you want, add a nickname for that restaurant (ex: Best BBQ).

How do I access My Favorite Restaurants?
Simply click on "Favorites." You will see a list of all the restaurants you have saved to your favorites. Here you will be able to quickly access these menus or even view your order history.

Can I update my account info?
Yes. You can update your account info at any time by clicking on "my account." You can add or remove delivery addresses and credit cards, change your basic info, password, and much more.

Can I save my delivery address for easier re-order?
Of course. Simply "save" your delivery address during checkout and give it a nickname if you'd like (ex: home, work, etc.). You will then be able to use it to search for restaurants as well as to complete the checkout process faster. In other words, you will never have to input your address again.

Can I save multiple delivery addresses?
Yes. You can save as many as you want. We recommend that you name each of them for easier recognition (ex: home, work, etc.).

Is my order history saved?
Yes. Just got to "Order History/Re-Order" and you will have access to your entire order history.

Can I see my order history for specific dates?
Sure. Just select the date range and your order history will automatically be refreshed based on your selected dates.

Can I re-order straight from my order history?
Absolutely. Simply access your order history, find the order your want to re-order and click on "Order Again." You will be taken directly to the checkout process and the entire order will be added to the cart. All you have to do at this point is checkout. Keep in mind that you can always add/remove items to and from the cart.


How do I start a group order?
On the restaurant listings page, simply click on "Group Order." You will be able to specify your order details (delivery date and time, who is paying for the order, etc.) and you can invite people to your order by entering their email addresses. They will receive an invitational email along with a traceable link for them to access your group order.

Do I have to pay for everyone I invite to my group order or can we split the check?
That's up to you. Before inviting people to the group order, you will need to select if you are paying for the entire order or if you want each person to pay for their individual menu selections. If you decide to pay for everyone, you can set a spending limit for each person.

How do I know if every group order participant is done ordering?
As the order initiator, you will be able to see the status (joined order, ordering, checked out, etc.) for each person you invited. As soon as every participant has checked out, the "checkout" button will be enabled on your cart and you will be able to proceed to the payment section.

What if I want to remove someone from a group order I started?
No problem. As the order initiator, you have full control of the order. You can always remove current participants or add additional people to your order.


I have a coupon from a specific restaurant; can I use it through Doorstep Delivery?
No. We can only honor Doorstep Delivery coupon codes. If you have a coupon you found in your local newspaper for [restaurant name], it can only be used on a dine-in visit at that restaurant.

Where do I see all the coupons and deals being offered?
Just access our "Deals" section and you will see all the coupons and discounts being offered in your area.

I saw you offer "Dine In Deals" -- how do I purchase those?
The restaurants that offer this type of deal will have a "dine in deals" button next to them on the restaurant listing page. Click on this button and you will see all the deals currently offered. Choose the one you like to add it to your cart and checkout. You will then receive an email with your deal code for you to print and redeem at the restaurant on your next visit.


How do I apply a coupon/discount to my order?
During checkout, simply input your coupon code and the appropriate discount will automatically be applied to your order.

What methods of payment can I use on the site?
You can pay with cash or any major credit card. Unfortunately, we do not take personal checks at this time.

Can I save my credit card for easier re-ordering?
Absolutely. Just save your card during checkout. Next time you order, you will be able to select your card without having to input all the numbers again. For security reasons, you will always have to type in your card verification code.

Can I save multiple credit cards?
Yes. You can save as many cards as you like.

How do I change my saved credit card or delivery info?
Just go to "my account" and you will be able to make any changes necessary.

Is my credit card info secure?
Yes. We are 100% PCI compliant. We process all credit card transactions using SkipJack Financial Services, a premier online credit card processor. SkipJack stores customer credit card information on its own servers ensuring that we are compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) and that your credit card information is stored safely and securely.


Note: Doorstep Delivery is not a Delivery Service. Doorstep Delivery is a Restaurant Marketing Firm. When engaging our company, you are hiring the services of a Self-Employed Delivery Professional.

Are there any costs or fees on delivery?
All orders are subject to delivery fee and a processing fee. Delivery fees range depending on the distance of the order, starting at $3.99. Processing fees can vary based on the restaurant. Orders placed over the phone will also be subject to a call center fee.

How long will it take for my food to be delivered from time of ordering?

We will make every possible attempt to deliver your meal to you as quickly as possible. In most cases you can expect your meal to arrive 45-55 minutes from the time we receive your order. Please note that delivery times will vary for a number of circumstances, such as: weather and traffic conditions, distance from restaurant to destination, special events, and food preparation time. Please remember that all of our participating restaurants will be preparing your meals to order. We do suggest customers order in advance whenever possible to ensure a specific delivery time. To place an advance order, select a delivery time when ordering online or call us to schedule a delivery time.

What about drinks and plastic-ware?

Doorstep Delivery can provide you with individual 12oz cans or a 6 pack of soda. We also offer bottled spring water in 16.9oz bottles. Plastic-ware can also be provided for a small fee. Just be sure to select these items during the order process or give us a call.

What if I am not satisfied with the service or meals?

Note: All sales are final.

  • Doorstep Delivery will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with our service and your meal.
  • Doorstep Delivery requires all participating restaurants to package your meals according to your order. Your Mobile Waiter will NOT open the packaging to verify the accuracy or preparation of your meal.
  • All of the delivery drivers are fully screened and are fully insured. Please contact our office with any complaints or concerns.

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