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Why Doorstep and Not McDonalds?
Good question. Like McDonalds, we recognized a shift in society that was coming.

Like McDonald's founder Ray Croc had 60 years ago, we had a good idea that would capitalize on this shift.

Like McDonalds, we developed a system that would allow anyone to reproduce the same results consistently no matter where they operated from.

And finally, like McDonalds, we are revolutionizing the way people eat forever. We have recognized that as the pace of life becomes faster, so too does the need for speed, convenience, and affordability when it comes to food.

In recognizing today's shift that has already begun in the $530 billion restaurant industry, we identified three major factors contributing to this shift, and figured out a way to use them to get a piece of this huge pie:

1.) Health: People are becoming more and more health conscious. We now know that when we eat healthier we feel better, look better, live longer, and are overall happier. Doorstep Delivery allows people to order any type of food they want vs. just the traditional pizza and Chinese with limited health options.

2.) Technology has exploded so quickly that it would have been impossible for Ray Croc to have imagined how far we have come when he was dreaming up the Big Mac. We here at Doorstep have recognized a unique moment in time where technology in the restaurant delivery industry has finally caught up to the speed, convenience, and affordability people have come to expect in their everyday lives. Croc got it 60 years ago with his revolutionary new system of how people got their food, and we get it now.

Costs of operating a Restaurant Delivery Service have plummeted in the last decade thanks to the use of the internet and cell phones which have become affordable and mainstream for the masses. Customers can now order from their mobile phones and we offer a discount for ordering online which allows us to get about 90% of all orders online, keeping our overhead down on staffing a call center.

Also, efficiency and food quality have dramatically improved. Delivery times have been slashed with the use of GPS which most drivers now have already equipped in their smart phones (also keeping overhead down). The dispatcher no longer needs to guide the driver step by step with a map in front of them, and updates for GPS systems occur daily so they are always accurate and show new neighborhoods.

When it comes to restaurants receiving the orders from Doorstep, we now have the ability to either fax, text, or email the order directly to the restaurant so they know exactly how to prepare the order. Before the delivery is made, both the driver and restaurant must sign off that all items are correct and accounted for.

Lastly, food quality in terms of delivery has come leaps and bounds. It is amazing at how well the integrity of the food is kept when we deliver with our state of the art double thick thermal insulated bags with hot and cold compartments. The hots stay hot and the colds stay cold, which until recently was much harder to do with standard pizza delivery bags.

Bottom line, technology has spring-boarded the restaurant delivery industry to where everybody wins, the customer, the restaurant, and Doorstep Delivery!

3.) Economy: The tougher the financial times, the more opportunity a Doorstep has to succeed. A rough economy has a trickledown effect: people make less, they go out less, and the restaurants make less. Doorstep Delivery creates a new stream of revenue for restaurants which has allowed us to partner with such great names as Chili's, TGIF, California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, Outback, and many more. When these restaurants started to realize that we could offer something their customers desperately craved, while at the same time increasing their bottom line, and that they didn’t have to shell out any money out of pocket, they soon embraced the win/win scenario.

When the economy eventually improves and it becomes much more difficult to partner with restaurants, we will have already solidified our partnerships. Once restaurants join the Doorstep team, they stay with us because we increase their bottom line not only with delivery and pick-up from customers they never would have had, but through dine-in coupons as well.

Am I too late to capitalize on this idea?

Nope. In fact, by waiting this long you get to take advantage of the system we have spent years developing, learn from all the bad mistakes we made, and be confident you are getting into one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

Congrats! The next step is picking up the phone and calling us at the number to the right to discuss the option that's best for you.


Who Are These Guys?

Doorstep Delivery and the professional team of "mobile waiters" are revolutionizing the way people eat, allowing the convenience of having your favorite restaurants delivered directly to your home, office, or event. Until recently, people who wanted food delivered other than the traditional Chinese or Pizza have had to either pick up themselves or pay a large premium. For occasions where people needed to feed a large group, the options were limited unless you wanted to pay a huge premium to have a professional catering service handle it. Noticing a problem in need of a solution, owners Tom Colangelo, Daniel Sinor, William Moore, and Andrew Brown decided to create a service that allowed people to get what they wanted, where they wanted, and when they wanted it.

Doorstep Delivery has taken a concept, created a system, tested that system, improved upon that system, then tested that system and improved upon it some more. In fact, as you read this we have probably made our system considerably better than when this was written. This is because we here at Doorstep know that to be the best involves the ability to adapt, change, and listen to our customers. It is only recently with breakthroughs and affordability of technology involved in the Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS) industry that this type of business has been able to thrive and offer everything previous RDS's have failed to deliver. With 12 locations and over 1000 restaurant partners and counting, Doorstep is changing the world of food as you know it, one restaurant at a time!


What we currently offer:

  • Affordable packages to suit any budget.
  • A proven system over 10 years that capitalizes on one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the country.
  • A way to show you how you can have low overhead, few employees, high profit margins, and the freedom to be your own boss and be a hero in your town offering something everyone wants!

If any of this sounds good to you, please contact us at info@doorstepdelivery.com or call Tom at 352-262-9920.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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